Apple iPhone through the years: every model from 2007 to 2020

14 September, 2021
Apple iPhone through the years: every model from 2007 to 2020
The youth of today may find it hard to believe but there was a time when we didn't have the Apple iPhone in our lives — or any mobile phone for that matter.

Just imagine having to call someone to communicate rather than using WhatsApp, taking photos with an actual camera and watching television on, well, your TV instead of squinting at your phone in the dark. You could even have a conversation with a stranger in the lift instead of burying yourself in those gorgeous pixels.

Life, as many of us know it, changed on January 9, 2007, when Steve Jobs started talking on stage about, every once in a while, introducing a “revolutionary product that changes everything".

This time, it was not just one product, but three: a widescreen iPod with touch controls, a revolutionary mobile phone … and a breakthrough internet communicator.

After teasing the crowd by repeating the three creations over and over, he exclaimed: “This is one device.”

And there the iPhone was born, along with a new use for fingers which have since been almost glued to the increasingly responsive screens.

Yearly updates have given us bigger screens, sharper cameras and faster loading times, but what comes next? Will Apple, now under the leadership of Tim Cook, reinvent the wheel in 2021?

We'll find out at its “California Streaming” event on September 14, when it's expected that the iPhone 13 will make its first appearance.
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