The world's best business class airlines revealed

26 April, 2022
The world's best business class airlines revealed
Business class on a flight may not always be an option — but when it is, it’s certainly hard to pass up. However, with so many airlines offering their take on flying business, which do it best?

A new study by Bounce has compiled a list the top airlines with the best business class. This is based on reviews from, with the rankings compiled considering factors such as airport experience, cabin and seat, meals, beverages, service, entertainment and amenities and facilities. Scores were out of 10.

Singapore Airlines led the ranking, with an overall score of 9.57, followed by Qatar Airways (9.29) and Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific (9). “Singapore has been synonymous with luxury since taking to the skies almost 50 years ago and had near-perfect scores across the board,” says the study. “As well as scoring 10 out of 10 for both its cuisine and beverages, Singapore also gained a perfect score for its service and entertainment too.”

Also on the list are Emirates and Etihad Airways ― tying in fifth place with the score of 8.71. Emirates scored higher in airport experience, entertainment and amenities and facilities, while Etihad did better in cabin and seating, meals and service.

Here's a list of the best business airlines
1. Singapore Airlines, 9.57

2. Qatar Airways, 9.29

3. Cathay Pacific, 9

4. Turkish Airlines, 8.86

5. Etihad Airways, 8.71

5. Emirates, 8.71

7. Asiana Airlines, 8.57

7. Japan Airlines, 8.57

7. All Nippon Airways, 8.57

10. Air New Zealand, 8.43

10. Thai Airways, 8.43

10. Hainan Airlines, 8.43

10. Virgin Atlantic, 8.43

10. Delta Air Lines, 8.43 
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