China cracks down on fake COVID-19 vaccines

16 February, 2021
China is cracking down on vaccine-related crimes, building dozens of arrests above the creation and distribution of fake COVID-19 vaccines, price gouging and against the law inoculations, the official Xinhua news firm said on Mon (Feb 15).

Authorities had arrested 70 suspects by Wednesday, found in 21 vaccine-related cases, it added, a lot of which surfaced through the primary phases of rollout.

One band of suspects built a profit around 18 million yuan (US$2.8 million) by packaging saline solution or mineral water in 58,000 dosages of spurious vaccines, Xinhua explained, identifying its head, arrested previous Christmas Day, only by the surname Kong.

In other cases, artificial vaccines were sold at high rates, included in emergency inoculation schemes at hospitals, or smuggled abroad, it added.

China's Supreme People's Procuratorate urged regional agencies to cooperate with law enforcement found in swift and unwavering actions to curb such actions, the agency said.

China, which had given 40.52 million dosages of vaccine to key groups of individuals by Tuesday, has largely were able to bring the pandemic in order with strict lockdown, testing and tracing measures.