DTC sustainable textile brand does good for the planet – and its sourcing universe

30 June, 2022
DTC sustainable textile brand does good for the planet – and its sourcing universe
When your calling card is textiles made from bamboo viscose, combatting deforestation fits right in the wheelhouse.

Cariloha,  a DTC brand of sustainable bedding, bath goods and apparel made from bamboo viscose, has teamed with One Tree Planted, a non-profit that supports reforestation projects around the world. Together they have pledged to plant one bamboo or other native tree in Mindanao, Philippines for every $1 that customers donated at Cariloha’s online checkout page.

Although logging was banned in Mindanao five years ago, the area had already been dramatically deforested through legal and illegal logging over several decades. Today, Mindanao’s landmass includes over 750,000 acres of barren, deforested land, roughly 50 times larger than Manhattan. “Cariloha is committed to the environment and creating a more sustainable future for everyone,” said Aaron Hobson, Cariloha executive VP of marketing. “One Tree Planted is a natural partner for us to further this mission and to do our part to help take care of our planet.”

In the past, One Tree Planted supported a pilot project planting 1,600 acres of bamboo in Mindanao. In addition to the environmental benefits, this partnership will also be a job creator for the region with roles that include bamboo nursery management, procuring raw materials for germination and physical planting.

In conjunction with the United States Agency for International Development, USAID, an organization dedicated to transforming communities and countries so that they can prosper, One Tree Planted also co-funded programs where special attention will be paid to facilitating jobs for women.

Cariloha is continuing to expand its bamboo product line to be more inclusive of its consumers and their needs, the company said. Its current products are carbon-neutral from the cradle. Its assortment adheres to several safety and sustainability standards, including the Organic Content Standard, Global Organic Textile Standard, CertiPur-US, Fair Trade and Oeko-Tex Standard 100.
Source: www.hometextilestoday.com
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