Foul-mouthed ‘Carp Karen’ berates woman for fishing: ‘Vile bitch who should be drowned’

14 January, 2023
Foul-mouthed ‘Carp Karen’ berates woman for fishing: ‘Vile bitch who should be drowned’
This haddock heckler seemed like she was trying to bait her.

A UK woman’s relaxing fishing trip turned out to be anything but when she was berated by a swim-pinionated passerby — who called her a “vile bitch” who should be “drowned” for enjoying the leisure sport.

A video of the cod-blocker’s unhinged tirade is making a splash online.

“It took me completely in shock,” Elsa Joan, 24, told South West News Service of the wild encounter, which occurred Sunday, Jan. 8, while she was casting lines in Brooklands Lake in her hometown of Dartford, Kent.

The Brit had just landed a prize carp and had a tripod set up to document her catch when she was approached by the unidentified woman.

“This woman walked past and just went absolutely crazy,” Joan recalled. “She had an aggressive demeanor. Her aggression just got worse and worse from the start.”

In the shocking footage, the fisherwoman can be seen trying to show off her catch to the camera when the self-appointed marine-life advocate partially appears in the frame and begins laying into her.

“Bitch! God, you are disgusting. Put that bloody thing back in the water if it’s not dead already,” the critic raved, seemingly unaware that the lake is a catch-and-release fishery. “You vile bitch — put it back!”

At that point, Joan responded while holding up the carp, which was very much alive. “Go away. F- -k off. F- -k off,” the line-caster replied while trying to maintain a level head.

However, the woman continued ranting, calling her “disgusting” and a “disgrace.”

At that point, Joan repeatedly tried to explain that the area was a designated angling spot and, therefore, fair game.

“Go away. It’s a fishery. It’s a fishery. It’s a fishery,” she implored.

However, Joan failed in her attempts to reason with the woman, who continued her verbal salvo, yelling: “I hope that’s recording because you are an absolutely [inaudible] disgrace. It’s a fish — put it back in the water. Are you trying to kill it?” Despite Joan’s repeated attempts to explain the nature of the situation, her harasser doubled down, saying that she’s “not even f- -king human.” The verbal attacker then seemingly mocked the angler’s “fishery” argument.

“Yeah, you. Fisherer, an array is a matrix,” she yelled, devolving into a cryptic rant. “I don’t care what a fishery is — an array is a matrix. And you are a disgusting bitch. You’re a f- -king whore.”

“People go fishing. People go fishing, darling,” reasoned Joan, to which the woman fumed, “You should be drowned, my love.”

The two continued to go at it until Joan said, “See you later,” in an attempt to end the unsavory exchange. “You won’t see me again, bitch,” retorted the anti-angler before quipping, “Or you’d better hope you don’t.”

She then told Joan to “do something decent, for God’s sake,” adding that she doesn’t “have to torture animals for fun.”

Finally fed up with the fin-quisition, the exasperated carp-catcher responded, “F- -k off. Go away. You’re walking around a bloody fishery.”

In retrospect, Joan said she’s surprised she didn’t take the bait.

“I thought, ‘I have to keep my cool for the safety of the fish,'” she said of her surprising zen mentality. “It always comes first in carp-handling. That’s why we have mats, big nets and equipment for carp care.”

She stayed as level-headed as possible, though.

“Straight away, I knew it was going to get a bit irate, and I didn’t think I had the patience. But, clearly, I proved myself wrong.”

Joan added that that the critter was released without incident, after which she reported the haddock heckler to the Brooklands Lake bailiff. Authorities were reportedly on the lookout for the mysterious “Carp Karen,” who hasn’t been spotted in the area since.

Joan, for one, learned to see the “funny” side of the incident and hoped the fish vigilante would “educate herself” on the sport.

“It’s not changed my perspective on fishing,” said the angler, who continues to toss lines in the local lake. “I absolutely love the sport, I’ve always loved the sport, and I think people like herself should be more educated because the fish aren’t harmed at all.” 
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