Louis Vuitton tops list of world's most-searched for style brands

09 January, 2021
The French fashion company may be the most-searched fashion brand online in 47 countries, like the UK and Australia. Gucci is definitely second, coming leading in 13 countries, including Italy. Chanel can be third as the most-searched-for brand in 12 countries, incorporating Pakistan and Thailand.

The world's favourite fashion brands
1. Louis Vuitton - 47

2. Gucci - 13

3. Chanel - 12

4. Calvin Klein - 11

5. Rolex - 9

6. Coach - 4

7. Tony Burch - 3

8. Loewe - 2

8. Valentino - 2

8. Fendi - 2

Calvin Klein is in fourth, as the most preferred in 12 countries, including Russia. Rolex will come in 5th, topping the list in Israel, Cambodia and Kenya.

Coach, an extravagance leather rand founded found in New York in the 1940s, is 6th and is the most used fashion house in 4 countries, including South Korea.

Another New York-centered label Tory Burch is seventh, the most-searched brand on three countries, including Jamaica.

Three labels are joint eighth, incorporating Loewe which is the most used brand in the US and Canada. The style housed shares its leading-10 ranking with Fendi and Valentino.

Across Europe, Louis Vuitton maintains the most notable position, although the Greeks favour Gucci, Valentino is Croatia's most preferred and Balenciaga is most-searched in Poland.

In the centre East, Louis Vuitton tops the charts in Qatar, the UAE and Oman. In Asia, Chanel is the number one manufacturer in Bali, Vietnam and Indonesia, whereas India is the only country to possess Prada as its virtually all popular fashion house.

Louis Vuitton may be the most popular in the Oceania region, aside from New Zealand, where it really is Gucci.

The fashion makes topping queries in South America are Fila in Argentina and Coach in Brazil. Colombia favours Gucci and Calvin Klein is the most common in Chile.