Rose Trip Morocco: female adventurers trek the Sahara

05 November, 2019
Rose Trip Morocco: female adventurers trek the Sahara
After four days of adventure and dozens of kilometres of sand dunes navigated, the all-female participants competing in the Rose Trip Morocco are celebrating the end of the challenge.

Now in its second year, the adventure travel event is a female-orientated trek that sees teams of three traverse the Merzouga region in Morocco using only a compass, a GPS distance metre and a road book.

The Rose Trip is not about speed, instead it's about being able to understand and interpret the desert surroundings to successfully navigate to the finish line. With minimum environmental impact, participants hike with a 60-litre backpack into which they put their own trash and any other trash that they can collect on their way through the dunes.

The event is split into four categories. This year, victory in the entry-level Open group went to Team Les Nicoises. The trio were the most successful over the 19km route.

The more advanced Open+ competition sees hikers traverse 23km. This year, first place went to Marie, Maud and Helene of team 283. Serious hikers participated in the 27km Expert category where first place went to Elyse, Julie and Pamela of team 406.

In the corporate sponsored Club Enterprise category, it was L'Oreal Canada who took first place. All teams were recognised for their adventurous spirit and environmental commitment.

Merzouga is in the southern region of Morocco's Sahara Desert, not far from the Algerian border.
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