Taj Mahal is the most searched UNESCO World Heritage Site; here are the others

10 May, 2022
Taj Mahal is the most searched UNESCO World Heritage Site; here are the others
A World Heritage Site is a place listed by UNESCO for having special cultural or physical significance. It is a wonderful tool for culture, architecture and history enthusiasts while travelling to discover and explore sites of such significance. The list includes 1,154 sites from across the world, albeit some enjoying more popularity than others.

According to Zitango Travel’s data, people searched for Taj Mahal more than any other UNESCO World Heritage Site in the world. The mausoleum, one of the seven wonders of the world, had 14 lakh searches in a month! In January 2022, Raj Kumar Patel, Superintending Archaeologist of ASI, Agra Circle, said more than 10,ooo people visited the Taj Mahal on a single Saturday.

More and more travellers are now interested in ancient sites of historical and cultural significance, with the majestic Inca city of Machu Picchu being the second on list with 11 lakh searches. Soaring searches for Stonehenge in the UK (7.82 lakh searches) and the Nabatean City of Petra in Jordan (5.75 lakh searches) further solidified the fact that people are interested in ancient history of different cultures across the world when travelling.

These are the top 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites of interest:

1. Taj Mahal (14,00,000) – India

2. Machu Picchu (11,00,000) – Peru

3. Rio de Janeiro (8,24,000) – Brazil

4. Yellowstone National Park (7,93,000) – the USA

5. Stonehenge (7,82,000) – the UK

6. Statue of Liberty (7,57, 000) – the USA

7. Petra (5,75,000) – Jordan

8. Cinque Terre (5,50,000) – Italy

9. Palace of Versailles (4,64,000) – France

10. Chichen Itza (4,45,000) – Mexico

How many UNESCO World Heritage Sites have you visited?
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