ura ebis offers Japanese residents fantastic French cuisine from the comfort of their homes

06 September, 2021
ura ebis offers Japanese residents fantastic French cuisine from the comfort of their homes
Fortunately for consumers choosing to dine in at home, delicious French food remains an option. The casual French food and natural wine shop ura ebis, which recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, has started a French chef's authentic course menu and dessert ordering service.

In a recent press release, the brand highlighted its "Chef Comes Home" menu items available for online order and delivered by refrigerated courier service to residents of Japan (excluding Okinawa and remote islands). Customers can purchase vacuum-sealed meals containing several courses and enjoy them at home. Preparation is simple: the vacuum-sealed containers simply need to be heated in boiling water. The meals are carefully chosen by culinary experts, so they comprise a harmonious interplay of flavors. Sure enough, the experience is meant to replicate dining out at a French restaurant.

Many of the dishes available are the easily-recognizable classics. Meals also contain fresh ingredients and, as such, many changes with the season. This makes for an evolving take-out service that is always delicious and never boring.


Of course, preparations are simple:

Heat water and bring it to a full boil
Place in the vacuum pack
Open the plastic bag after heating and serve
And that's it. Within a few moments, customers can enjoy authentic French cuisine with hardly any hassle.

ura ebis recommends meals be enjoyed in the garden or on special occasions such as birthdays and wedding anniversaries. It is also recommended as a gift for mothers who spend their days busy with small children. Also, since only a pot is needed, the meals can be enjoyed while out in nature, such as when camping or picnicking.

The restaurant also makes other suggestions:

For a luxurious weekend dinner

For weekday dinners when work is busy

For small-group home parties

For glamping

To make an ordinary day special

Sure enough, anytime, anywhere, anyone can be the chef.

Set meals

Customers can enjoy delicious and regular menu items. As you can see below, all options are enticing.
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