Vodafone secures licence to be Oman's third telecoms operator

07 January, 2021
Oman awarded Vodafone a licence to establish and operate consumer telecommunications services found in the country, building the British telecom giant the third operator found in the Sultanate.

Vodafone Oman said the move will ensure a “good and healthy competitive scenery” for all residents and citizens of Oman.

“The occurrence of Vodafone in Oman will donate to the development of most sectors including the monetary and educational sectors, and consistent with Oman Vision 2040,” Nasser bin Salem al Hosani, vice chairman of Vodafone Oman, said in a statement.

“We have centered on attracting the very best international expertise in neuro-scientific telecommunications, which is represented in the strategic partnership with Vodafone Global,” he added.

The London-listed telecoms company, which may be the world's second-largest mobile operator, will contend with state-owned Oman Telecommunication Provider (Omantel) and Qatari operator Ooredoo in the Sultanate.

Ooredoo ended Omantel’s monopoly when it started businesses in 2004.

Vodafone operates mobile and fixed networks found in 21 countries and has partnered with mobile systems in another 48 market segments.

The company had over 300 million mobile customers, more than 27 million fixed broadband customers, over 22 million TV customers and connected a lot more than 112 million Internet of Things units by September 30 last year.

In September 2019, Vodafone inked a manage Oman Future Telecommunications as part of its Partner Marketplaces programme. Beneath the non-equity agreement, the companies agreed to interact to roll out a new mobile network and create a number of new solutions using the Vodafone company.

“The strategic partnership between Oman Future Telecommunications and Vodafone means that Vodafone Oman receives the proper infrastructure and advanced technologies,” Diego Massidda, leader of Vodafone Partner Marketplaces, said in a statement.

“Through partnerships and assignments, especially with tiny and moderate enterprises, the local community will also benefit from Vodafone’s global expertise,” he added.