Warning: 5G mobile phones could interfere with aircraft signals

17 February, 2021
Warning: 5G mobile phones could interfere with aircraft signals
New 5G mobile phone technology could hinder aircraft indicators and affect altitude instruments that are crucial for landing.

Phones that utilize the technology should come to be powered down during flights, the French Civil Aviation Authority said on Tuesday.

"The utilisation of 5G products onboard aircraft could lead to risks of interference that may potentially result in mistakes in altitude readings," a spokesman said.

The potential risk is due to "signal interference from a close frequency way to obtain a strength that is similar or even more advanced than that of altimeters."

This interference could cause errors "in instruments that are extremely critical during landing," said the agency, known by its French acronym DGAC.

It sent a good bulletin on the issue to airlines last week, recommending that 5G mobile phones should either be switched off completely or perhaps switched to "airplane function" during flights.

Most countries have long needed that mobile phones get turned off or positioned in flight mode as a result of concerns that past generations of mobile telecommunications networks can interfere with a good plane's navigation and conversation equipment.

The DGAC also recommended in cases of disruption to aircraft equipment that the flight crew immediately notify air traffic controllers who may then alert airport authorities.

DGAC said that it had laid out conditions for the positioning of 5G base stations so as to limit the risks of interference during landing at French airports.

The effectiveness of signals from 5G base stations located near France's main airports has been restricted, said the DGAC, which includes been conducting additional testing since November when French telecommunications operators were given approval for 5G services.

It really is continuing to keep an eye on 5G basic stations around all French airports in co-operation with the firm responsible for radio frequencies.
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