China's cold month's tourism embraces rapid development

06 February, 2021
China's cold month's tourism embraces rapid development
China's cold month's tourism, or perhaps "white economy," achieved fast recovery in the next half of 2020 despite the impacts from COVID-19. The income of the sector climbed 13.61 percent and order volume 23.46 percent from this past year.

According to a report by Meituan Study Institute under Chinese foodstuff delivery giant Meituan Dianping, China's expanding winter season tourism is swiftly integrating with cultural and sports tourism, and ice-themed amusement parks are becoming increasingly appealing to young buyers. Besides, on the net reviews are a significant factor for consumers when they choose destinations.

"Snowboarding and winter tourism even now see large potentials, also to improve experience is vital for releasing the potentials," said Wu Ruoshan, analysis fellow with the Tourism Analysis Center under Chinese Academy of Community Sciences. He believes the sector shall boost its services quality and product selection and boost cultural connotation, so as to better meet up with the demands of consumers.

Winter fishing about Chagan Lake, northeast China's Jilin province, a good nationwide intangible cultural heritage item, is attracting huge amounts of site visitors every December. Manifesting the diligence and wisdom of the fishers, it possesses formed rich connotation through technology and inheritance.

Besides, a number of ice-themed feature villages happen to be also presenting forest tradition, folk culture and foodstuff traditions of the ice environment by restoring the original means of life and creation found in northeast China's forest areas.

To further promote winter tourism, the local tourism authority of Tahe county, Daxing'anling prefecture, northeast China's Heilongjiang province built an online publicity department which presents local sceneries and folk culture in short video platforms including Douyin. It offers earned over 660,000 supporters and 600 million views. Multiple clips it uploaded were played by a lot more than 50 million situations each.

Winter season tourism also made snow and ice gear popular. A broad range of progressive and novel devices were recently exhibited at the 2021 Harbin Snow and Ice Expo.

"We imagined the exhibitors is probably not passionate enough about the function as it was shifted online, but we unexpectedly received 93.13 million views on the 1st working day it opened," said Liu Lele, an organizer of the expo. The expo was became a member of by over 4,380 enterprises from home and abroad, making deals that worth 58.13 million yuan ($89.99 million).