Dubai's Enerwhere appears to tap wind to vitality industrial projects

18 January, 2021
Renewable energy company Enerwhere is definitely undertaking feasibility studies in deploying wind capacity to support cement quarrying in Abu Dhabi.

The Dubai-structured firm, which specialises in portable, easy-to-install solar hybrid systems for off-grid projects, believes renewables can be utilized to greatly help mining and quarrying industries in the UAE and West Africa to lessen their carbon footprint.

The company, which also offers floating solar photovoltaic panel systems installed off Zaya Nurai island in Abu Dhabi, is already using solar installations to power cement recycling processes at Al Dhafrah in Abu Dhabi. Additionally it is assessing other renewable possibilities.

"We are considering ways to try to make wind transportable and deployable inside our organization model and there are many ways to do it. You can utilize smaller turbines, you need to use kites, you can you need to use issues that fold up out of your box," leader Daniel Zywietz advised The National. "We're presently in the assessment period."

The feasibility study for the wind scheme, which could add about 1 megawatt of capacity to aid site operator Al Dhafrah Recycling Industries as well as other facilities, will probably take six months.

Enerwhere, which paused a few of its ideas to expand to Oman, Saudi Arabia and Iraq because of mobility restrictions, provides refocused its efforts on helping infrastructure production in the UAE, but remains optimistic about its ongoing projects in Africa.

The West African mining sector, buoyed by the prospects of a commodities 'supercycle', is booming. However, mining companies also have to cope with higher crude rates, that have rallied nearly 10 per cent since the beginning of the year.

Enerwhere offers affordable, renewable off-grid power at a time when the mining sector comes less than greater scrutiny from traders to meet environmental, community and governance goals, Mr Zywietz said.

"If you are in mining right now, and you're publicly listed, then you're working with funds that are letting you know 'Look, it's sustainability, or you are not going to see any cash'," said Mr Zywietz.

"So I think the huge difference to the last commodity supercycle for all of us is that it's now going to be more sustainably powered than the last one," he added.

The business is continuing to meet supply requirements for the upstream oil and gas industry, which wants methods to offset total carbon emissions.

Last year, many oil majors pledged to transition towards starting to be net-zero energy producers more than the coming decades.

Both Shell and BP slashed the carrying value of of their hydrocarbon assets and pledged to become net-zero producers by 2050.

Enerwhere likewise sees opportunities in market segments such as the UK to supply off-grid vitality for projects, including one in the heart of the capital, London.

The Dubai-based firm plans to improve "a double-digit million dollar figure" this season to meet capital deployment for existing projects in solar and electric battery technology, said Mr Zywietz.

The fundraising may also meet its plans to expand among its software systems internationally, he added.