The real reason women's shirt buttons are on a different side to men's

08 February, 2022
The real reason women's shirt buttons are on a different side to men's
Have you ever noticed the buttons on women's shirts are on the opposite side to those on men's shirts?

Turns out the reasons behind the difference go back centuries, reports The US Sun.

Men's shirt buttons were originally placed on the right to make duelling easier, reflecting a time when men fought and women were expected to stay at home with their children.

It also helped men get to their weapon easier because "it was more convenient and quicker to use their left hand for unbuttoning", the outlet reports. Most men would hold their sword in their right hand, thus needed to quickly open their shirt for duelling. And as for why women's shirts button up on the left, it's probably because of babies - surprise, surprise.

Historically women tend to hold babies in their left arm so that their right hand can do other things, another reason why most people are right-handed.

Women's shirts could then be opened or closed with the free right hand, buttoning on the left to make it easier to breastfeed.

Another theory is that horse riding had a lot to do with it. Back in the day, women were expected to ride sidesaddle - having the buttons on the left stopped the wind getting into their shirts as they rode.

Others think that the difference began when women started to wear trousers and other more "manly" styles of clothing. Button placement was a way to distinguish between men's and women's clothing.
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