Want to sleep on your side? Flexsteel has an answer

14 November, 2022
Want to sleep on your side? Flexsteel has an answer
Flexsteel Inds., a manufacturer, importer and marketer of residential furniture products, has just launched into the sleep category with its Zecliner. Meant to provide a sleep solution that is wide enough for side-sleepers, the Zecliner is Flexsteel’s answer to a bed alternative.

“This product was several years in development. We wanted to create something that could break through the crowded recliner space,” said David Crimmins, Flexsteel’s vice president, sales.

The chair, designed with motion functionality like a zero-gravity recline, charging ports, app technology and a lift mechanism, has a Livesmart barrier and fabric to protect against stains and liquid spills. For the sleep component, it’s the only sleep solution on the market currently that is wide enough to allow for side-sleeping, according to Crimmins. “Customers are buying this chair for their sleep stores and for sleep sections of our furniture retailers,” said Crimmins.

The Zecliner has a pillow made out of Technogel. The material is a soft-solid material that provides cushioning to relieve pressure. The patented gel, molded together with memory foam, disburses body heat to keep the sleeper cool, according to the company.

The Zecliner also has ambient lighting at night so getting up in the dark is aided and ranges in price at retail from $1,499 to $1,999, depending on the product features.
Source: www.furnituretoday.com
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