Why you should begin your day with papaya water (on an empty stomach)

19 November, 2022
Why you should begin your day with papaya water (on an empty stomach)
We all know about the myriad benefits of having fresh fruits, like papaya, for good health, but not many of us may know about the benefits of papaya-infused water. Telling us all about it, content creator Armen Adamjan took to Instagram to share why one must have papaya water for overall well-being. “Most people don’t know about the benefits of papayas! Here’s how to make papaya water!” he wrote on the social media platform.

To make it, according to Adamjan,

*Cut the papaya in half. Peel the skin.
*Scrape out the seeds.
*Chop into small chunks.
*Boil with water for about five minutes.
*Take it off heat. Let it cool.
*Keep papaya water in the fridge and drink it like regular water.

“You have a super healthy, all-natural papaya water,” he said.

According to Adamjan, papaya water is packed with vitamins, has anti-cancer properties, is good for digestion, relieves menstrual pain, protects the kidneys, and helps with migraine, and arthritis.

But why have water when you can have fresh fruit?

This is where the lycopene content plays a role. Although it is best to consume raw fruits to avail the benefits of their fibre content, in some cases, cooking enhances the levels of certain protective compounds. Such is the case of lycopene in papaya which is thermo-stable, explained Garima Goyal, a registered dietitian. “Lycopene is trapped in the cell wall until a heat treatment is applied. This phytonutrient is helpful in preventing various types of cancer, is cardioprotective, and is neuroprotective,” Goyal told indianexpress.com.

What is the best time to have it?

If you have to attain the benefit of this fruit for weight loss, consume papaya water early in the morning as it helps to clean the intestinal contents and flush it out of the body, said Goyal.

“Try to have the papaya cubes in this drink, too, as they will add to the benefits. This is because the cell walls of the papaya cubes would have been opened up on boiling, releasing its antioxidants such as lycopene, and destroying its anti-nutrients. Although any fruit water (detox water on infused water) can be had at any time of the day, having papaya water early in the morning on an empty stomach will yield maximum benefits. This is because of the presence of papain enzyme in it, which is gut-friendly and removes the toxins from intestinal tract,” Goyal shared.

Rich in vitamin C – Boiling the papaya cubes in water and then consuming them is a great way to have vitamin C, a water-soluble vitamin. This vitamin is released in water which makes for a good antioxidant and helps boost immunity. It provides resistance against various infections, Goyal said.

Loads of beta carotene – Papaya is a good source of vitamin A, which is essential for vision.

Papain intactness – This yellowish orange fruit contains a protease enzyme called papain, which helps to digest the protein ingested by an individual. It is heat-resistant, so whenever papaya is boiled in water, papain remains intact and helps in smooth bowel movements. Papain prevents bloating, gas, and constipation and is gut-friendly.

Anti-inflammatory effect – Since the digestive enzyme present in papaya is heat-resistant, cytokines are released which posses anti-inflammatory properties.

Deals with menstrual cramps – This thermo stability also helps to regulate the blood blow in menses and provides immediate relief from uterine cramps.

Anti-carcinogenic effect – This drink possesses strong anti-carcinogenic properties due to the presence of phytonutrients, polyphenols and flavonoids in it. It protects against colon, prostate, and breast cancer.
Source: indianexpress.com
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