Why puffed rice is your perfect snack and good for your heart and gut health

03 October, 2022
Why puffed rice is your perfect snack and good for your heart and gut health
Puffed rice offers important vitamins and minerals without adding excess sodium, fat, or cholesterol, says Debjani Banerjee, Incharge Dietetics. PSRI Hospital New Delhi

Written by Debjani Banerjee
The very thought of puffed rice or murmura reminds us of the mouth-watering roadside bhelpuri we all love to relish at any time of the day. Touted for its crunchy taste, this healthy snacking option is not only pocket-friendly but has many health benefits right from losing weight to maintaining your blood pressure and more.

To begin with, let us first understand the nutritional benefits of puffed rice before moving on to unveil its incredible health benefits.

Puffed rice offers important vitamins and minerals without adding excess sodium, fat, or cholesterol. Here’s a look at the nutrient profile of a 100 g of puffed rice:

 Calories – 402 cal
 Total fat – 0.5 gt
 Cholesterol – 0 mg
 Carbohydrates – 90 gr
 Fiber – 1.7 gr
 Protein – 6 gr
 Calcium – 6 mg
 Iron – 31.7 mg
 Vitamin B6 – 0.1 mg
 Magnesium – 25 mg

This staple Indian diet with its richness of carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals offers some incredible health benefits. Unlike other rice, puffed rice is a type of short-grain rice that has been puffed or compressed using air. So it is denser, chewier, fibrous and has a nutty flavour. It is rich in vitamin B6. It has complex starch that needs time to be broken down, thereby preventing you from snacking.

Relieves constipation – Our desi murmura with its rich fiber content promotes the growth of good bacteria which help to ward off your constipation problem and prevent intestinal hemorrhages as well.

Its goodness doesn’t just end here, it also acts as a digestive stimulant and promotes the secretion of digestive juices which in turn increases the absorption of essential nutrients through the intestine.

Immunity booster – Puffed rice is an incredible cereal that works to boost immunity and protects you from various infections, fever, common cold, sore throat, and other respiratory ailments. Its rich antioxidant, mineral, and nutrient content does the trick.

Good for your heart – Puffed rice is just the right snack for those with blood pressure problems. It offers amazing benefits to help normalize blood pressure levels and prevent heart-related ailments.

Stronger bones – Puffed rice benefits your bones with its richness of nutrients like calcium, iron, vitamin D, and potassium that aid proper bone cell growth and regeneration.

An excellent recipe for weight loss – The richness of fiber and complex carbohydrates in the staple murmura keeps your hunger pangs at bay and prevents overeating. What’s more, it helps to shed those stubborn kilos and speeds up your weight loss goal.

High-on energy – With a decent amount of carbohydrates in every 100 grams of puffed rice, it contributes to filling the glycogen stores in the body and provides enough energy for daily tasks.

Ideal Takeaway food
With so many benefits to its kitty, it is advisable to consume this desi cereal regularly as a healthy snacking option. However, make sure to consume it in moderation as anything in excess is not good for your health and puffed rice has a higher glycaemic index. But limited portions work well.
Source: indianexpress.com
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