Z&Z Fabrics introduces Sorona fabric line

23 January, 2023
Z&Z Fabrics introduces Sorona fabric line
Zaber & Zubair Fabrics Ltd, the leading fabric manufacturer in the country, has introduced a new fabric line made of recyclable and durable Sorona fibre.

Sorona fibre, a unique molecular structure innovated by North California-based leading textile company Sorona, is an eco-efficient performance fibre made in part from annually renewable plant-based ingredients.

This new-generation fibre is one of the most innovative textile materials for clothing and brings a unique combination of performance advantages.

To showcase 40 innovations, including Sorona fabric, and 200 new product developments, the Zaber & Zubair Fabric Week kicked off at its Gulshan marketing office on Sunday. This show will continue till 27 January.

On the opening day, Asheque Md Imran Hossain, the representative of GreenMil – a company that worked with Zaber & Zubair in developing the fabric, told The Business Standard, "Around 37% of the raw materials of Sorona fibre comes from industrial grade corn. It is the most sustainable alternative to spandex, a synthetic fibre." Sorona is the dyeable, warm, and long-lasting apparel stuff which is widely used in various fibre applications, including textiles for Yoga Wear, Knit Tops, Sportswear, Shirting and Bottoms, Women's Wear, Suiting, Outerwear, Insulation, Denim, Faux Fur, Intimate Apparels, Footwear and Swimwear, he said.

Sorona will replace spandex, which is not recyclable, he added.

"We [GreenMil and Zaber & Zubair] have jointly been working on Sorona to make woven fabrics since 2017 and were able to come up with a final product this year," Imran said, adding that they already use Sorona in Knit fabrics in Bangladesh.

Mosla Uddin Tipu, deputy manager (business development) of Zaber & Zubair Fabrics Ltd, said Sorona is one of the major innovations of this season's fabric week. 

"It is a stuff that can be used instead of spandex and is stretchable, recoverable and comfortable," he said.

"We have already presented this innovation to buyers and of them, Inditex showed their interest in it. Now we are in the product development stage," Tipu said.

Tipu said this season's fabrics week also presented another innovation - pineapple fibre, produced from pineapple leaves.

"We also made significant progress in innovating banana, jute, and viscose fibres. Mixing them with cotton and polyester, we produced new types of eco-friendly and sustainable products," he added.

Md Shofiqur Rahman, executive director (sales and marketing) of Zaber & Zubair Fabrics Ltd, said, "Based on research, we have brought about 40 innovations and 200 new products to the buyers and apparel makers for the spring and summer seasons of 2024."

"Zaber & Zubair is always working for innovation, development of new products and in this continuation, we also brought new products in this week," he added.

The fabric week is a great platform for both the buyers and the local manufacturers, he added.

About 2,300 brands and buyers' representatives from home and abroad have registered for the latest edition of the Z&Z Fabric Week, said sources at the company.

Zaber & Zubair Fabrics Ltd is a concern of the country's largest textile maker- Noman Group of Industries.

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