Korean websites fined for discriminating against visually impaired people

21 February, 2021
Three key online shopping site operators have been ordered by a South Korean court to spend compensation for discrimination against visually impaired people.

In a collective go well with filed against SSG.com, Lotte Mart and e-Bay Korea by about 960 visually-impaired guys, the Seoul Central District Court ruled partially in favour of the visually-handicapped people, ordering the defendants to pay out compensation of US$90.41 to each plaintiff.

The visually impaired persons filed the collective go well with back in 2017 claiming that the online shopping malls discriminated against them in light of information usage by making it problematic for them to access and purchase goods therein.

The visually-impaired people demanded asked the web stores to pay compensation of $1800 won to all of them.

The quantity of compensation demanded by the visually-handicapped people was $5.1 million however the court ordered the operators to believe responsibility for only $270,000.

In addition, the court ordered the web stores to launch a service that enables visually impaired persons to obtain shopping information through screen readers within six months from the day of the ruling.